Marloe Blu ~ The Art of a Boylesquer

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Snuggled in the cozy atmosphere of the Hume Hotel on a drizzly February night, I sat down with Marloe Blu, Nelson BC’s favourite boylesquer. He explains how he balances four hats in his life; a professional hairdresser, a farmer, a caregiver and a burlesque artist.

Marlo has never been so busy, but has never felt so healthy and fulfilled about his schedule. Hairdressing allows him to make a living. As a caregiver to a man with Down’s syndrome, his heart is nurtured. Running a large farm in the beautiful Kootenay’s keeps him grounded and fit.

The burlesque hat allows Marloe to truly be. Truly be artistic and crazy, flamboyant and sexy, fierce yet feminine. Never in his life did he think that he would be a 47 year old, on stage, dancing and peeling off his clothes.

But to him, burlesque is home.

Marloe was a mainstay backstage at the local shows, making magic as a hairdresser and a friend suggested he should perform. The seed was planted, he couldn’t get the thought of performing out of his head.

Marloe was going through a difficult chapter and the thought of being on stage gave him hope and something to look forward too.

The first time I saw Marloe was in the Sirens of Summer Cabaret & Burlesque Show. He was hot, fierce and feminine all at the same time. A powerful performance that walked the line.

Marloe can’t remember the first part of it. It was a rush of nerves, half scared to death. He does recall the moment on stage when he reached the cusp.

That point where you realize you’re about to get naked, in front of everyone.

The cusp where you either take it off or go home.

At that moment, with a sultry swing of his hips, he popped off his bow tie and the crowd exploded, this is it for him.

That moment.

The love, the excitement, the positivity. Like a wave, it crashes into you on stage.

Feeling that love and embracing that love has shifted Marloe’s life. Looking in the mirror he no longer picks out flaws. He looks at how great his arms are, the positive attributes of his face, all the good things his body has to offer.

The love, respect and support that he has been shown by the audience, friends and family, have truly raised his self worth.

Being a gay man in the burlesque scene, Marloe gratefully has never experienced negativity or hecklers onstage. Nothing but support and love. He often see’s men in the audience, some looking uncomfortable or less than enthused when he struts out. He’ll work it overtime then, throw himself into his routine. Nothing makes Marloe smile more than seeing those guys be the first ones to clap and the loudest to cheer at the end.

From heels and fishnets to a blazer and bow tie, Marloe Blu is truly an upcoming force in the burlesque scene.

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